Official 2021 Lineup

Randy Rogers Band  - 9:30pm

New Braunfels TX

Authenticity isn’t something that can be manufactured in a studio. It’s not a craft that can be learned or artfully practiced. It comes from living life. It’s the byproduct of blood, sweat and tears and as the foundation for music, it elevates mere entertainment to compelling art. Every note, every word on the Randy Rogers Band’s new album Hellbent rings with authenticity that makes each song linger with the listener long after the music fades.

“You’ve just got to be true to yourself and you can’t fool anybody,” Rogers states matter of factly of the band’s philosophy. “As a whole, our body of work is pretty consistent to our live show and the band that plays on the record is the band that you go see.”The same lineup has been performing together since 2002 and the music has evolved as they’ve soaked up life experience. “As men we’ve all matured and lived a lot of life together,” Rogers says. “We’ve had a few breakups happen to us. We’ve had babies. We’ve had life changes. We’ve been on the road 200 shows a year. I’ve been in this band 15 years so a lot has changed. I still listen to Merle Haggard every night. I mean that hasn’t changed, but a lot has changed for us musically and privately. We all are in a good spot and we all are just as good friends as when we started.”

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Tylor & the Train Robbers - 8:00pm

Boise, ID

Tylor & the Train Robbers, a Boise Idaho based band, possess a depth of thought steeped in Americana Folk without losing it’s Country root grittiness. Hailing from small town Helix Oregon, lyrically focused frontman and songwriter Tylor Ketchum conjures up his long dead outlaw ancestor, Black Jack Ketchum as the inspiration for their new album, Best of the Worst Kind is a musical necromancy that is delivered in full with the title track, The Ballad of Black Jack Ketchum. Set to be released on the anniversary of his hanging, April 26th, the music video for the ballad was filmed at Black Jack's grave during the bands most recent tour through the South West United States. 

From good cowboys gone bad to the woe some troubles of the modern American wanderer, Tylor & The Train Robber’s songs explore a span of generations linked by a common spirit. 

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Wanderlost - 6:30pm

Territory of Northeastern Oregon

Wanderlost is an eclectic collection of musicians brought together by the solitary goal of providing hearty Americana music to even the most depraved souls.  Their original songwriting provides material based on real life circumstance with dark undertones of squandered youth, social activism and the age-old topic of blue collar life.  Three part harmonies are a key ingredient in the band's self-built Americana Acid Grass sound.   Enjoy sensational moments of country, folk, jam, rock and even punk genre's in their original music.  Grab your hat, your partner, your drink and prepare for a party!!!  

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Norman Baker & the Backroads - 5:00pm

Seattle, WA

Traveling, creating, and sharing original live music are a few of the essential ingredients for the enrichment of humanity.  Norman Baker and his band play homage to this fact by introducing new and old songs to as many communities as possible.  Their new album utilizes undertones of pedal steel, mandolin, banjo, upright bass, clarinet, and course an onslaught of acoustic and electric guitars telling stories of loss, loss prevention, camping, driving without cell phones, childlike innocence, home towns, and walking till your shoes wear through.  

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Great American Trainwreck - 3:45pm

Seattle, WA

Based out of Seattle, Washington, Great American Trainwreck was formed in 2016. The group began when former bandmates and lifelong friends got together to share their passion for rootsy Americana. Their music blends southern rock, bluegrass, and classic country. Lyric-driven songs combined with melodic riffs and heavenly harmonies help to define their progressive approach to traditional genres.  

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Hillfolk Noir - 2:30pm

Boise, ID

 Grab a drink, sit down, take a breath, have a listen for a moment, an hour, a night, because here they come with their earnest musical narratives of the back alleys, the open range, the hollow, the front porch, the lives behind the love, want,
fear and fracture of a world that despite all adversity remains, within their songs, hopeful, thoughtful and jubilant.
The band deems their sound Junkerdash – part folk, part bluegrass, part string-band blues, part punk, and most certainly
wholly kickass. Bourbon and the Western Swing are a recommended pairing with Hillfolk’s Junkerdash, we’re told, which seems spot-on.

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